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By royalhsu at Dienstag 29 Juli 2014
Royal's Chinese Antique Furniture Shop in Shanghai China


--- occupy 5000m2 square meter warehouse, focusing Chinese antique furniture, Make to Order Reproduction furnitures, 1930 Shanghai Art Deco Furniture
--- is an antique restoration & wood finishing company based in Shanghai City. Specializing in Chinese Antique Traditional furniture Polishing, Color Matching, Piece Replacement, Re-gluing , Repairing.and Re-canning.,Wood carving, Mechanical repairing, Gold/Silver galvanizing, Anodizing, sofa upholstery
--- run business Chinese antique furniture business 15 years in Shanghai, export to 60 countries and regions in the World, fluent in English. Of course, in Chinese
--- Free Delivery within Shanghai, or Pick up Freely by clients.
--- Resident outside of Shanghai city, Wooden Package/Truck Carrier way to ship to your door house Address, such as Chongqing, Beijing and other cities.
--- export personal belongings for abroad residents lived in Shanghai
--- Chinese Furniture Hardware in Brass material, ship worldwide basis, online Ordering.Custom made Chinese furniture hardware

Mobile Phone :0086 13901685220 OR 13621990301
Opening Time: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 18:00pm, appointment necessary

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By Tara merino at Donnerstag 03 Juli 2014
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By jerjerjer at Montag 17 März 2014

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By sac lancel at Sonntag 22 September 2013
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By zhayuxiu at Sonntag 22 September 2013
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By tao1207 at Sonntag 22 September 2013
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By wedding invitations at Mittwoch 28 August 2013
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By rxy61 at Mittwoch 29 Mai 2013
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